Services & Solutions

We function as a one stop shop for all our client needs, we can and will provide any Taxation services needed by our clients

Personal Income Tax
We have the staff to handle all your taxation needs. We have preparers who can easily do even the most complicated tax return. We can also amend your prior year taxes if need be.

Corporate Tax
We can file your corporate taxes as long as Balance sheets and Profit and loss statements are provided by your accountant or you.

Sales Tax
We can prepare all California sales taxes.

Business Incorporation
We can incorporate businesses in the state to California, we not only incorporate your business we also offer year round support for any questions or concerns you may have. All of this is included free for one in year in your corporation formation package.

Audit Assistance
If you are being audited by IRS, come to us we have 99% success rate when it comes to resolving matters with the IRS

ITIN Applications
We can assist our clients in getting ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number). This for people how are not entitled to social security numbers but need a Tax ID number to file taxes or claim exemptions. Generally people needing ITIN’s are H1 visa dependents, people working under incorrect social security number, or people who want to claim their dependents in Mexico or Canada. Call us for more details on ITIN.